M2M Road Race | Helpful Tips


Thank you for your internet/participation in the Montessori to Magens Road Race. Please do not hesitate to contact us at m2m@vimsia.org if you have any questions. The following list may also provide the information you are seeking:

  • ·         If you did not pick up your bib in advance, bib pick-up opens at 5:45AM on race morning.
  • ·         T-shirts for the first five hundred registrants (bib numbers 1 through 500) will be handed out at the end of the race. Please show your bib number to receive.
  • ·         The race is scheduled to start at 6:30 am prompt. Please arrive at the Montessori Campus no later than 6am
  • ·         Bathrooms are available at the start and finish line – there are no public bathrooms along the route
  • ·         Parking may not be available. Please park in the designated parking area marshals will be on hand to assist with parking questions. There is additional parking nearby, which the marshals will direct you to. Roadside parking is not permitted since you will be obstructing traffic and may be towed.
  • ·         We suggest carpooling is a good option – there are plenty of parking spaces at Magens Bay, and this would reduce the number of cars in our limited space.
  • ·         Shuttles from the Race Finish at Magens Bay back to Montessori Campus will be available at 10:00am and 11:00am for a reduced fare. Please try to car pool and/or arrange rides where possible for your convenience
  • ·         Please arrive properly attired with appropriate footwear.
  • ·         Please ensure that you arrive well hydrated, fed and rested. There will be water available at the starting line and also 7 water stations along the route, each approximately one mile apart. Please remember to re-hydrate frequently.
  • ·         Please familiarize yourself with the route map – there will be volunteers and marshals along the route to assist you.
  • ·         Be aware of traffic flow. Runners are asked to run against the flow of traffic from VIMSIA to the top of Cassie Hill, from the Cassie Hill turn off past Hometown to the top of Donoe Bypass the road will be closed to all traffic except access vehicles, past ABC Nurseries to the Magens Bay Road turn against the flow, and once again against the flow from the turn to the finish line – which is in through the Magens Bay Gate, to the left, and all the way down to the end bathrooms. Please be aware of traffic at all times - even on closed roads there will be cars accessing homes etc., and support vehicles.
  • ·         For safety purposes, we do not allow the wearing of headphones
  • ·         Volunteers will be wearing a NEON YELLOW “M2M VOLUNTEER” t-shirt
  • ·         Be aware of traffic, other runners and walkers at all times. If you see a problem, please alert a race or water station volunteer.
  • ·         Alert a race volunteer immediately if you encounter any difficulty during the race.
  • ·         First Aid/emergency pick up will be available through the race route, and there will be a first aid station at the finish line
  • ·         Limited food and beverages will be provided to participants at the finish line at no cost.
  • ·         There will be an award ceremony and a post-race celebration. Trophies will be awarded in the following categories for the FIRST male and female finishers:
  • YOUTH:  |  12 - 13|  14 - 15|  16 – 17
  • ADULT:   |  18 - 19|  20 - 29|  30 - 39|  40 - 49|  50 - 59|  60+
  • ·         In addition, there will be a cash prize for the best over-all Male and Female finisher of the race, regardless of their age category.