Our 8-mile M2M course is staffed with race marshalls who will be on-hand directing traffic and guiding participants. Water and sports drinks will be available at key points along the way.


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Beginning on the soccer field at VIMSIA runners will head out toward the main road, turning right at the intersection toward Red Hook. The course will remain relatively flat for the first three miles as it winds through Smith Bay.

Mile 1: First water stop will be near the entrance to Sapphire Resort & Marina.

Mile 2: The Margaritaville water station will be located near the entrance to Margaritaville.

Mile 3: Fuel up at the Coral World water station, located just across from the Coral World turn off in Smith Bay.

The course then begins its ascent up Cassi Hill - toward the highest elevation.

Mile 4: After a sharp right turn toward Tabor and Harmony, water and PowerAde will be available from Cool Signs the top of Cassi Hill just past the mile 4 marker.

Mile 5: Continuing upward, runners will reach the fifth water station and mile marker in front of Anna's Market before topping the race's highest elevation of 735 feet.

Mile 6: Just past Hometown, the course will turn right turn down Donoe Bypass toward ABC Nursery where the 6th water station sponsored by EAST END FLOWER SHOP will be located.

At the Nursery runners will steer left through Wintberg then turning right down Magens Bay Road, passing Magens Point Resort, then straight through the gate to Magens Bay. Turning left at the gate, our volunteers will be cheering participants through the run's final half mile straight-away along the beach road to the finish line at Shed FOUR.

That's a wrap! Recover with water, sports drinks, fruit and other nourishment at the finish line!